Linda Lopez

Lake Mary, FL

Artist Statement

“I am drawn to nature, from landscape to flowers, birds to bees, horses, and everything in-between. My garden is my biggest inspiration and where I can often be found photographing its splendor. Beeswax allows me the freedom I had been searching for as an artist. It adds a measure of depth and texture to every piece I create. The encaustic process allows me to turn a photograph, cyanotype image or painting into creative one-of-a-kind artistic expressions.”

Artist Bio

Linda Lopez realized early in life the passion she felt while creating art. No matter the medium, or the tool she uses to express her vision. She shares her love of nature and the world around her through her lens, studio, and heart. 

It was when Linda took a photo encaustic class that she found her niche. She now uses her photos as embedded images, photo transfers, photos printed on rice paper or cyanotype processes with encaustic and other artist mediums. Linda also uses her photos as reference for her encaustic paintings. Expressing her vision with melted beeswax brings her a sense of peacefulness and purpose. Encaustic has awakened her creativity and allowed her the artistic freedom she was seeking.  

Linda is a member of the International Encaustic Artist group and maintains wall space at the Hub on Canal Gallery in New Smyrna, FL.

“Photography and painting are ongoing; I see art everywhere. I always look at light, dark, shapes and texture in the world around me. I see what sometimes others don’t and want to share artistically what I experience visually in this beautiful world.”

Linda Lopez
Linda Lopez, Artist