Member Application

Why join our chapter?

Florida Wax is great exposure for artists accepted to the group. It’s an experiential and educational group that works together for the enhancement of the group as a whole and the artist as an individual. Some benefits include:

  • Group exhibitions throughout galleries in Florida.
  • Tremendous support for one another.
  • Public education through live demos and receptions.
  • Peer education through tips and knowledge sharing.
  • Zoom meetings for group discussions.
  • Working retreats (because we really do like each other).
  • Networking with other members in your area.

Prior to applying to become part of Florida Wax it is important to understand some of the expectations of our members.


If you are a member of IEA, live in Central to North Florida, feel you can contribute with your time, art, and supportive funding, consider joining us by filling out the application.

Volunteer Time 

Assistance is often needed with setting up and taking down exhibits. We also attend receptions, conduct demos, and man booths at specific events. Other non-public interaction includes zoom meetings, retreats and gatherings as an Encaustic family.


While Florida Wax does not collect dues from members, there are times where we will ask members to contribute as part of the collective. Examples include group supplies, printed materials, and occasional gallery fees.

Our group is currently at capacity, please fill out the form for consideration when an opening becomes available.