Andrea Clement

Miami, FL

After obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Professional Photography from the Southeastern Center for Photographic Arts in Daytona Beach, FL, Andrea spent many years exploring and photographing Europe. While working towards her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History at the American University of Paris, she served a 1 ½ year internship within the photography department at The Research Laboratory of the Museums of France located within the Louvre Museum. Her travels recommenced to the archeological site, Tanis, in Egypt where she worked as site photographer photographing the excavation and the ancient objects found therein. After moving to Miami, she continued to photograph artwork for local art galleries, collectors and an art auction house, and eventually developed her own small portraiture business. Today, Andrea teaches photo encaustic workshops in Miami. and regularly hikes throughout Florida photographing the art of nature and transforming her images with the art of encaustics. 

My work combines the encaustic technique of painting with images that I photograph in Everglades National Park, Big Cypress, Fakahatchee Strand and Central Florida. I focus upon Florida’s botanicals, landscapes and animals- the struggling riches of our state. I daydream about this saturated land as it once was, the flocks of hundreds of birds, the plethora of alligators, panthers, deers and smaller animals that once lived a balanced coexistence. It is within this dreamlike world that I am able to linger as I transform my photos with the art of encaustic painting.

andrea clement encaustic artist