Judy Pickett

Orlando, FL

Judy Pickett received her BA in education from Stetson University. She gained most of her art education from local classes. She is a member of International Encaustic Artists and their Florida chapter, FL Wax.  As an emerging artist, Judy has participated in many group shows with Florida Wax, and independently in local juried shows.  She is also a contributing wall artist at The Hub on Canal in New Smyrna  Beach, FL

Judy resides in Orlando, FL where she uses the bright Florida sun to create her artwork. Combining cyanotype printmaking and encaustic painting, she creates. It is a union of form and texture. 

Starting in the morning, designs of plant life are placed onto light sensitive paper and laid in the sun.  
“A joyful time that harkens back to raising my children.” When the sun has done its job, the paper is rinsed, then soaked and an image emerges. After the print is developed, it is adhered to a wood panel. Then hot encaustic paints are smoothed over the entire surface, bringing the image to life with light and texture. The union is complete. 

Judy Pickett
Judy Pickett, Artist